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             Fourth Street Apartments     |     Main Street Apartments          

             George Street Apartments    |     Third Street House  

             Roscommon Storage            |      and commercial properties

Fourth Street Apartments has eight units on two levels:  four one-bedroom units and four two-bedroom units, with an in-house laundry.

Main Street Apartments has four two-bedroom units, no in-house laundry. This is a split level building.  There are steps going down to two apartments, and steps going up to two apartments. 

George Street Apartments has three one-bedroom units on two levels, no in-house laundry. It also has one two-bedroom apartment with a one car garage.

Third Street House has 3 bedrooms, 1056 square feet, washer/dryer, 2 car detached garage.

Roscommon Storage has 38 storage units of varying sizes.  Located at 248 State Street.

None of the properties qualify for section 8 or assistance.

No Pets, No Smoking

You pay for electric, heat and internet. 

What can I afford?  Rule of thumb is no more than 30% of your income. 

$500.00 rent:  You must make at least $1,700.00 per month. 

$600.00 rent:  $2,000.00 income. 

$700.00 rent:  $2,350.00 income.


Then you must factor in your electricity and heat.

You MUST fill out an application to be considered.  See the Application tab above.

A security deposit is required, and it is the same amount as your rent.  

Availability:   TAKING APPLICATIONS, you will be placed on our waiting list.   
Please download the application and either email or mail to us. Do not apply if you have pets or smoke. 

A 2-bedroom on the bottom floor of a split level apartment will possibly be available in 
June or July 2023.  $73
0.00 with a $730.00 security deposit. 

Member of the Higgins Lake - Roscommon Chamber of Commerce



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